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Abstract Blur

Music by North Creek Rd

"The Way" 2020

Verses 1 to 8 

"Where We Are"  2021

Verses 9 to 16 

Onwards CD Art.jpg

"Next Stop"  2022

Verses 17 to 24

"Onwards" 2-23

Verses 25 to 32 

I’ve been a musician/producer for most of my life so I have been around the music industry for many years mainly assisting others with their own projects.  Working mainly as an Audio Engineer with most genres of music…. I do compose a little but only for my own pleasure.

Driving out in the country where I had done so for many decades I came across a road sign I had never seen before …. North Creek Rd… I thought, “what an awesome band name!!”.  That was in 2018.


My father of 93 passed away later that month, it wasn’t a surprise, he had been ill for many years.  Family gathered to send this strong willed and philosophical man.  His favorite saying being

“The Inevitability of Gradualness”.

Dad had always taught us all to find my own truth and encouraged us all to find our path in life. Through many books he had given me like “Three Magic Words” and a few Wayne Dyer books and many twists and turns in life I ended up with finding so many wonderful truths in the TaoTe Ching.  The verses just came alive every time I read them over and over… they made so much sense and were life changing when applied.

So … what this got to do with music ?? 

After Dad passed I kept hearing the saying in my head “Don’t die with the music still in you”, so I decided to try something completely different.   I was always fearful of the fact any music I composed was either outdated and plain not interesting… I was always comparing myself to the many clients that came through my studio.

Through my reading of the Tao Te Ching I knew this was not the case.  Everyone has something unique to bring forth in this world.  I watch so many of my clients saying “I want it to sound like …. latest mix just released”  (you can fill in the dots, I’d heard them all) The problem is we are all playing the comparison game (thanks to social media, radio and streaming etc…).  This is where most people get stuck… and I had been there for years.

I made a pact with myself to start composing again, but this time I’d do it differently.  No sitting in front of a blank page pen in hand, guitar and keyboard at the ready, trying to make it happen.  This is what I did instead.

I’d fire up a recording session in the studio, turn to my keyboard or picked up my guitar and play a chord… then play another … then another… I have to use these chords then build from there !  And kept building and building, beat groove, drums, bass etc etc…. until I had a wall of sound. So it happened, something very different and a little unique.  I call it ... Journey Music. or just "Journey" for short.

As I had a great passion for the Tao Te Ching and Lao-Tzu’s 81 verses I then decided that the best way I could help people hear and maybe mediate on these wise teachings was to incorporate them into the music.

So …. North Creek Rd is a journey into self … through a medium of a music, a genre I like to call

“Journey Music”

I started with the first 8 verses… so I suppose I have another 9 albums to go… Let’s see how I go !

Hope you enjoy the Tao Te Ching verses and the music…


If you feel these verses give you a new way of looking at your life, I encourage you to look further into all the verses. 


“Contentment and Peace …. will be yours”.  (Verse 8) 

The Recording Studio

Jump Sound Studio



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m: +61 410 513 582


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