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Verse 1 "The Way"

The Way that can be spoken, is not the The Way

That which is named, cannot be named.

Before the beginning all was nameless.

Naming came after the beginning and so

began the manifestation into 10000 things.

When there is no desire one can see the mystery,

But when desiring one only sees the manifestation.

Beyond the bridge of naming and experience flows The Way

towards the real world of what is, and true understanding.


This first verse sets the scene of whats to come as we begin this journey.   We are all on a path of discovery through this life and its important to get the foundations correct.  Like any building.  We all need a solid start on how we should view the world and everything around us.


From the moment we are born we are a blank slate.  There are no names, no labeling everything just is, and its all a mystery.  As we start to experience the world and all its manifestations everything starts to get named categorized and eventually judged. Some things are good, some are bad and theres a lot of grey in between.


So in the beginning there were no names or labels, there was no such thing as time or properties of matter.  This was where everything began.  How do you name or even try to imagine anything like this.  This is the mystery, what we call 'The Way' or 'The Tao' some may call it 'God'.  But in the end its beyond naming. It can't be named. It just is and has always has been.  This is exactly how we all start out in life as a new born.  Massive potential.  Anything is possible.


I love Wayne Dyer's spin on this one.  Before we are born we are completely in Gods hands to develop into this wonderful manifestation of a human being.   When we are born we start to develop an EGO which stands for  Edging God Out.  Our new born infant starts with a God view of the surroundings, everything is a mystery and is without judgement.  Then we start the process of caring for a new born by imposing our value systems.  This starts the process of wiring the infant brain to fit into the social group to which it has been born.  This is an important part of up bringing and will continue until adult years.  We  need this to fit into our surroundings in order to survive and thrive, but along the way the child can lose the essence of our true origin.  Once we hit adulthood we now have a couple of decades of programming that will certainly impose many filters on how we see our world and place many judgements upon our world view.


From the moment we are born we are impressed with the values and judgements of those who care and raise us.  It is really unavoidable and it will color how we perceive the world around us.  Every situation will be from a stand point of judgements programmed through years of upbringing. We can break down these judgements and filters through a process of questioning and openness to what really is.  This is not easy without a process to help remove these programmed aspects of our world view. If you really want to explore this process I highly recommend reading Don Miguel Ruiz's book 'The Four Agreements'.  This process takes time and with the help of Miguel's four step process it really helps us to see outside of our 'Dream of the Planet' or 'Domestication' as Ruiz puts it.  I read this book once a year to help me continue to clear the path from my past so I can make my own way forward.  Also Bryon Katie has a wonderful process called 'The Work' which can help us to tear down these barriers within our perception of the world.


When we start to think in terms of labels names and categories, we bring in the element of judgement.  When we step away from judgement we can see the mystery in everything.  This is one of the fundamental truths we must initially face when moving along on this new path towards a happier life.  Now just think about how you feel when we pass judgement on a person or situation.  How does this make us feel … Good … Bad … a bit of both.  Stress is experienced when we see something that doesn't fit our view or opinion of how we think that something should be.  What if we were to look at these persons/ situations with an element of neutrality … is there a great inner peace when we do this ?  Can we start to see past our perception of how we view the world,  but rather start to see things as they really are.


So how do we approach this verse from a view of Gratitude and Thanks.  Well, we could start by being thankful for everything we experience, both tangible, (the 100000 things meaning the amazing manifestations we have available) and the intangible, (the endless of our universe and its ability to create and manifest our experience).  Also thanks for the opportunity to move towards a pathway of understanding that includes both of these phenomenon.


Thank You for Verse 1

1:   Thank You for the Mystery of it All

2:   Thank You for all the Manifestations of this amazing and beautiful world we all live.

3:   Thank for a pathway to find True Understanding and balance in my life.  


(C) Copyright 2022 Written by Mark Wattis. All Rights Reserved. No duplication without permission.

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