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Verse 4 "Emptiness"

The Way is nothing, yet endless. 

and was there before the beginning.

It can blunt the sharp and untangle any knot.

Where was its origin?

It was there before everything.   

After being introduced to the make-up of this world and universe we are part of, this verse starts to give us a glimpse of the endless and infinite nature of its size and ability to endlessly create. As we are part of this, we also carry within us the very nature of creation. 


Too often through our growing and maturing years we hear people label us as 'not good enough', 'you can’t do that', 'you'll never amount to anything', and the list goes on. All comments of limitation and down grading. Why do people do this? It goes back to the previous verse of the TTC – control. We are driven from a very young age to compare and judge. We tend to impose this on the people around us and we assess people as either good or bad, up or down, happy or sad, and this contributes to us parceling people into groups. In the same way we might be doing this to others, others are doing it to us. We are labeling people around us while we, in turn, are being labeled by others. Enough of the process. We've heard it all before, and if you haven't experienced this labeling you must have come from a different planet where everyone is treated equally, and reality is based on oneness and impartiality. Not planet earth last time I checked in!


Once again, not labeling others is difficult to do, because we have been doing all our lives, and others have been attaching labels to us. The language of our world imposes an attitude of lack and stifles our ability to create our lives as we really want it to be. Yet there are some people that seem to be able to tap into this endless source of creation and make things happen. Some of their achievements almost seem superhuman and beyond the scope of believability yet they happen … How? Maybe these people either haven't experienced labeling in their life (which is doubtful!) or they found a way to direct their attention away from the labeling and into the endless creational energy with themselves. 


I think the first thing we need to do is recognize that labeling exists and understand that the Tao, God, or Universe has a way of untangling this system of labels. Some of these are pretty sharp and can bring us down very quickly to a point where we can lose our willingness to move forward. First, we need to see the labels, and then start crossing them off our list. Our inner dialog is where we need to begin, and really slow down the crap we tell ourselves.


The words 'I am' are very powerful. When God described himself to Moses, God was to have said, ‘I am that I am.’ If the God of Moses was supposed to be the almighty creator of all, then these words would ring true for us as well, as we endeavor to create our world around us. So whatever follows your 'I am … ' thought in your head or spoken aloud is really, really important. With 'I am …' you can create a wonderful and beautiful life, or a nightmare of destruction and mayhem.


There is a wonderful 'I am' mediation that Wayne Dyer has created that can really help in moving forward and in this new way of thinking. Any 'I am' mediation can assist in creating a better habit of thinking about one’s place in the world and how we label ourselves.

Caveat here: The 'I am' practice I believe starts the process of breaking down the barriers of poor self-labeling. Just because we might say to ourselves “I am strong” does not mean we instantly create a strong body, and you can put on a pack and match off into the hills to walk 100km... I would strongly advise against this! It’s more about breaking down negative thoughts that could inhibit us from starting an exercise routine to improve our health. Over time and with good and sensible training that 100km walk may be achievable. To begin with we need to remove thoughts of self-doubt and counter-productive thinking in order to start a process towards a more productive and happy life.


Another caveat: Using the 'I am' practice to place yourself above others is totally counter-productive to everything we’re saying. Saying, 'I am the best' means there are others that are less than you, and labels others which is what we don't want to do. By saying, 'I am the best me I can be' however, gives us the freedom to create a new life for ourselves without diminishing the lives of those around us. The second and fourth agreements of the book 'The Four Agreements' by Ruiz also promote this philosophy. (Read the book – you won’t regret it!)


This is where we start to see how we can be thankful, and how we can move towards a happier life through the free-will we have to think about ourselves and other people. Think about it for a moment, who controls the inner dialog inside our head? It’s a bit of a no brainer really (excuse the pun!). Our free will means we have a choice about how we think about ourselves and others and this verse gives us direction to see the endlessness of our world and the endlessness within.


Thank You for Verse 4.

1:   Thank You for our free will to see ourselves as endless as the Universe.

2:   Thank You for softening and untangling my life so we see ourselves as we really are: 'Endless'.

3:   Thank You for the mystery of our existence as being forever and endless.


(C) Copyright 2022 Written by Mark Wattis. All Rights Reserved. No duplication without permission.

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