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Verse 7 "Beyond Self"

Heaven lasts forever and nature is complete. Why is because it asks for nothing, yet all is done.

The teacher also does this by being behind. Yet the teacher ends up ahead.  

The teacher endures because all is placed before.

Through selfless living, all your needs are cared for.

Now that we are on this journey of self-learning and the discovery of all that is around us, this verse is another nudge in the direction of self-awareness and how we should treat those around us. As we come to the realization that we are all amazing and all hold the potential of imagination to create our lives, Lao-Tzu brings us back to earth and shows us the way forward.


It’s easy to get carried away with the thought of our potential and abilities, but humility as we move into this way of thought is imperative. Too many approach this new awareness and forget that everyone else has the same ability, even if unrealized. We must move forward with care and understanding for all, remembering not to place ourselves above or beyond others, no matter their level of understanding. We need to encourage and help others to realize their inner potential, nurturing the inner possibilities that exist within us all, with humility.


Here we are seeing another example of how the universe works in and around us. I love this saying from Hafez.


Even after all this time

The Sun never says to the Earth

“You Owe Me”

Look what happens

With a Love like that.

It Lights up the whole Sky



This is a great example of how we should be and operate in conjunction with all those that live around us. It can be a really hard call, especially when others around us are living from a more ego centered existence rather than a life of 'selfless living'. Unfortunately, this ego centered living goes way back to our upbringing and filters how we perceive life and those around us. This creates our perception that has been ingrained into our thinking during our growing years.


Through our worldly filters we have always been told to revere those that are leaders in our community. Government officials, religious leaders, entertainers, the wealthy, sports people and even teachers and people with higher levels of education. We have been told from a very early age that these people are more important because of one or many of these factors.  


We need to start realizing that everyone is like that straw dog. Neutrally Amazing! These people that sit in these upper levels of our community are just like us, and more importantly, these people that hold these positions of responsibility are the same as you and me. As leaders they need to draw out our talents and skills to better our community or business.  Governing from a perspective of power and 'what’s in it for me' will only put people into a way of limitation. We all need to grow and grow together, all encouraging all, and remove the word 'compare' when dealing with others. We are all the same at different stages along this journey of life and we should be nurturing the possibilities that exist within everyone.


This whole journey is about giving joy and happiness as said by Jesus some 2000 years ago ‘for it is giving that we receive’. We must really take on this truth. By living this proverb, we can bring joy not only to ourselves but those around us that we help, support, and encourage. In the words of Winston Churchill:


We make a living by what we get.

We make a life by what we give.


This is a perfect way to end this chapter, joy is in the giving, not that we may receive but that we can feel that inner joy of seeing the endless possibilities within everyone.


Thank You for Verse 7.

1:   Thank You for the endless nature of everything that shows us the way of being.

2:   Thank You for a way that sees all as equal and neutral.

3:   Thank You for joy of giving.  


(C) Copyright 2022 Written by Mark Wattis. All Rights Reserved. No duplication without permission.

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